Renel Solomon

Traditional Wedding Ceremony Details

We’re thrilled to share with you the essence of our Yoruba and Igbo traditional wedding ceremony – a celebration that beautifully weaves together two vibrant cultures of the Nigerian diaspora.

At the heart of the Yoruba customs is the Oko Iyawo ceremony, where unity reigns supreme. Chidi and his groomsmen will prostrate, seeking acceptance into Sheri’s family. Symbolizing unity and respect, Chidi’s family will present gifts to Sheri’s family. This process is called the Idana and marks the beginning of the marriage journey. Dressed in the elegance of Aso Ebi, we’ll honor Yoruba craftsmanship. Guiding the traditional ceremony will be an Alaga, an experienced officiant who ensures the ceremony’s proper execution. 


Embracing Igbo customs, the wedding showcases the Igba Nkwu, or also known as the “wine-carrying” ceremony. One of the key moments of the ceremony is the testing of the palm wine. Sheri’s family will examine the wine to ensure it is safe to drink. The act is symbolic and unites the families.  The Igba Nkwu Nwanyi practice is a graceful moment as Sheri carries wine-filled calabashes, dressed in her traditional Igbo attire, marking her transition into an Igbo woman. 

Our wedding also offers a delectable taste of authentic Nigerian cuisine. From the hearty flavors of Jollof rice, a vibrant spiced rice dish, to the savory goodness of Efo Riro, a spinach stew, and the succulent bites of Asun, spicy grilled goat meat – the feast will be a journey through Nigeria’s culinary heritage.

We invite you to embrace the spirit of the wedding by wearing our chosen Aso Ebi attire, showcasing unity through coordinated fabrics. If you’re interested in wearing an Aso Ebi, please contact our wedding planner at for more details. As a cherished tradition, guests are invited to shower us with well-wishes, prosperity, and happiness through spraying money. Dollar bills are preferred, adding an extra layer of festivity.